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The GET FIT series helps drivers prepare physically to sit in a race seat for a long period of time as well as face the stress and heat both over the course of a long endurance stint and periodic but intense on-track battles.

Improve Flexibility

Open up hip/glute, back, and shoulder flexibility to more comfortably reside in a racecar cockpit 

Build Strength

Improve strength to build whole body control

Long and Stead Endurance

Build deep endurance to prepare for stints of upwards of two hours


Eat to build your body to prepare for the race, and eat throughout the race event to maintain energy and facilitate active recovery

Training Plan

Anything is better than nothing; progress over perfection; consistency is key 

Counteract Sitting Position

Focus on the posterior chain and motions that are the opposite of sitting crouched and scrunched

High Intensity Interval Training

Train for repeated high-intensity moments

All Day Endurance

Prepare for multiple stints in a day, up to five to six hours of total drive time


Prepare for your body to use literally gallons of water over a hot, multi-day endurance weekend

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