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The GET RACEY series consists of tips and strategies designed to improve decisiveness and comfort in wheel-to-wheel battles.  Whether preparing for your first start, or if you're already a champion, check out this series to prepare for your next race

Fly in Formation

In side-by-side situations, everyone is trying to get through the corners and needs to stay in their lane

Passing Slower Cars

Use the HPDE point-by solicitation approach - line up an extra wide entry and straight-shot exit to pass on the straightaway

Passing a Power Car

Choose a passing zone where you can close the gap leading up to the passing zone as well as pull away through twisty bits after the pass


Defense costs time, only defend for necessary track position, and be as efficient as possible by defending as little as possible

Race Pace

Manage tire temperature and wear, transmission health, and personal consistency


The best place to make up places, the easiest place to lose a race

Race Strategy

Plan ahead and then communicate during the race

Mirror Management

Always know where everyone is

Passing a Momentum Car

Choose a passing zone where you can power away down the next straight

Passing an Equal Car

Try to pressure into making a mistake, make a single move at the best possible point to get side-by-side


Nail the first brake zone, push hard, get into the one, and then go 8/10 into the final corner/complex

Pit Lane

Nail the pit speed limit start/stop, memorize the pit stall location, watch for traffic and pit crew


Typically single-file with mixed company, the next best place to make up places or lose a race

Wet Track

Manage changing conditions and increased risk, stay on the driest/grippiest line, be mindful of passing offline

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